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Smart Trading Plans

23 Oct

Smart Trading PlansI consider taking up stock market training. The idea lighted up like a bulb in my head when I ran across a good book entitled Smart Trading Plans by Justine Pollard.

I have a confession to make.  I do not know how to make money work for me the way the rich people do.  I guess I will always belong to the class of people who work for money.  This is tantamount to saying, I will never get rich.

Investing in the stock  market and trading sounds like a good idea if you know how.  You can keep a day-time job and invest in something worthwhile.  You can either opt to have a broker to manage things for you or you can invest in mutual funds.  However,  with the advent of technology, you can  access online trading and do it yourself without jeopardizing your profession.

I have read a book entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.  And he has written a graphic description of how easy some people make money work for them.  He writes:

“ A few individuals are getting ridiculously rich from nothing, just ideas and agreements.  If you ask many people who trade stocks or other investments for a living, they see it done all the time.  Often, millions can be made instantaneously from nothing.  And by nothing.  I mean no money was exchanged.  It is done via agreement:  a hand signal in a trading pit; a blip on a trader’s screen in Lisbon from a trader’s screen in Toronto and back to Lisbon; a call to my broker to buy and a moment later to sell.  Money did not change hands.  Agreements did. “ (Rich Dad, Poor Dad, 115)

I think this is one of the first important things I like about investing in the stock market.  You do not need to invest big immediately. This is one of the plus factors for the working class.   If you win, you win big.
Join me in my journey to discover the smarter way to trade. The first step…stock market education.