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CFD Trade or Invest?

18 Mar

CFD Trade or Invest? I read an article that says trading and investing are not the same. In the business of trading, you have a goal in mind as part of your trading plan. You may have the plan to increase your income and grow your wealth through the stock market.

Well, you may either trade or invest. Or you may do both. Trading has something to do with actively buying and selling shares in a short-term or middle-term trading of shares or CFDs. Investing has something to do with just buying and holding on to a share for a longer time and re-investing on it. And voila! You may find out that after years of reinvesting on the same shares and holding on to it, you have produced a large number of shares already with hopefully a higher yield.

Well, it is up to you whether you want CFD trade or CFD investment; share trading or share investment. Be wary though that you trade or invest smartly.


Setting Up Your DATAHQ

15 Mar

For the Cfd trade enthusiasts who are using DATAHQ, I would just like to share this video from the best-selling author, Justine Pollard. I know you can learn a lot from this video in setting up your DATAHQ.

May you be profitable in your journey to trading Cfd and share trading.

Cfd Trade Update

11 Mar

Here’s your latest Cfd trade and share trading update. I just picked up these tweets again from the best-selling author and trader Justine Pollard. She tweeted:

# ASX Market is in indecision. Two inside Doji days in the ASX200 chart indicates that it does not know if it wants to go up or down

# There has been no lead from the major US indices – only had small rises. FTSE has bucked the trend & broken to new highs last night

I hope these updates help in your decision to trade, hold, sell, buy or whatever your decision will be. As a trader though, I am just here to hold still.

If you have your own Cfd trade updates and stock market latest trends, please do not hesitate to share.

Tweeting about CFD trade…

10 Mar

The market seemed to be following a flatliner. Nothing interesting seem to be happening the past few days. Just as well, for people who are into CFD trade and share trading, you can relax for now, although do not let your guard down.


I would just like to share a few tweets I gathered from one of my favorite authors, Justine Pollard. She is also a successful CFD and share trader.

* Remember the market is open 5 days a week, so if you are not confident, sit, watch & learn – anything can happen & be open to what does
* If your plan tells you to continue to trade but you are hesitant, then you could consider halving your risk & portfolio heat
* Daily system bringing up an abundant of long trades again today. So what do you do, do you take them or sit and wait for a break?


I chanced upon this new site, although I do not know if it has officially been launched already. Try to visit and you can discover a lot about CFD trade and share trading.

A Fascinating Story

9 Mar

Since I am into CFD trade and share trading, hearing a story about a secretary named Grace Groner, donating $7 million to her alma mater when she died at the age of 100, is very interesting.

So, what’s interesting about the story? Well, the woman got her millions out of investing in the stock market. She bought her shares at unbelievably very low price of $180 in 1935. She consistently reinvested her earnings and grew the purchase into a $7 million fortune.

Say, you start investing now. Trade CFDs or shares. Imagine, what it will be like thirty years from now.

Although analysts would say that Grace Groner was only lucky for she shouldn’t have only invested in one company and that is Abbott Laboratories, still who knows how much you may earn with investing through the stock market and CFD trading.

CFD Trade Specialist in an Interview

8 Mar

I would just like to share this interview of CFD trade specialist and best selling author, Justine Pollard done by

To know more about CFD trading or Justine Pollard, visit

Gambling and Trading

4 Mar

I read this article about gambling in trading.  True enough, if you do not know what you are getting into when you are trading the markets, it will be like gambling.  If you are trading CFDs and you do not know what are CFDs, then, indeed, it is gambling you are doing.  Whether you win or lose, you wouldn’t care.  But that’s not why you are trading.  I certainly hope not.

If your game plan for trading the markets is to lose your money, you can just gamble.  However, you can take gambling out of trading and really learn how to trade. It is whether you are into CFD trade or stock trading.

Trading is a business that requires learning a new skill or improving what you already got. If you are a beginner and you want to learn or if you are an advanced trader and you want to refine your skills, you need mentors. You need books for references.

Smart Trading Plans is the right book for you to get started in formulating your trading plan.  Listed as one of the Top 10 Best Selling Finance Books in Money Magazine, Smart Trading Plans will exactly guide you to what you never expect the market to be with all its highs and lows.  Click here to learn more about your ultimate step-by-step guide to developing a business plan for trading the markets.

The sought-after trading mentor and best selling author of Smart Trading Plans, Justine Pollard specialises in technical analysis trading and is willing to share her years of trading education and experience through personal tutorials. Justine put up Smart Trading and wrote the book Smart Trading Plans with the specific goal to share her knowledge and teach traders her trading systems and her strategies to successful trading.

Grab the opportunity now.  Get educated.