CFD Trade or Invest?

18 Mar

CFD Trade or Invest? I read an article that says trading and investing are not the same. In the business of trading, you have a goal in mind as part of your trading plan. You may have the plan to increase your income and grow your wealth through the stock market.

Well, you may either trade or invest. Or you may do both. Trading has something to do with actively buying and selling shares in a short-term or middle-term trading of shares or CFDs. Investing has something to do with just buying and holding on to a share for a longer time and re-investing on it. And voila! You may find out that after years of reinvesting on the same shares and holding on to it, you have produced a large number of shares already with hopefully a higher yield.

Well, it is up to you whether you want CFD trade or CFD investment; share trading or share investment. Be wary though that you trade or invest smartly.


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