Learning Technical Analysis…

14 Jul

I never thought that I will reach a point in my life that I will find charting totally interesting. You see, I am a self-proclaimed lover of the arts and not a lover of sciences and math.

You are probably aware how people often find sciences and math daunting as subject matters. And charting is very much associated with math. So how in the world did I suddenly find charting and figures interesting?

First, it is the association in math that makes charting a very reliable tool in gauging the action happening in the stock market. Since the market is basically communicating in numbers and figures, charting has made me understand the market more.

Secondly, I never really realized before that almost everything that are going on in the market, the price movements, the fluctuations, the highs and lows, the trends are there in my charts. Yes, the indicators are there and all I have to do is read them.

Finally, charting has made me more vigilant in my share and CFD trades. While I would rely on what others are saying about the market, I now have the ability to know myself through my charts.

As a newbie in trading…I say learn technical analysis and profit more. .


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