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Learning Technical Analysis…

14 Jul

I never thought that I will reach a point in my life that I will find charting totally interesting. You see, I am a self-proclaimed lover of the arts and not a lover of sciences and math.

You are probably aware how people often find sciences and math daunting as subject matters. And charting is very much associated with math. So how in the world did I suddenly find charting and figures interesting?

First, it is the association in math that makes charting a very reliable tool in gauging the action happening in the stock market. Since the market is basically communicating in numbers and figures, charting has made me understand the market more.

Secondly, I never really realized before that almost everything that are going on in the market, the price movements, the fluctuations, the highs and lows, the trends are there in my charts. Yes, the indicators are there and all I have to do is read them.

Finally, charting has made me more vigilant in my share and CFD trades. While I would rely on what others are saying about the market, I now have the ability to know myself through my charts.

As a newbie in trading…I say learn technical analysis and profit more. .


What are CFDs?

10 Jun

You have probably heard or read about CFDs in netopia. I mean, it is the buzz now a days. With CFDs getting more and more popular, people are opting to invest on it aside from shares of course.

So, what are CFDs?A CFD is a contract between you and the company that you are using to make the purchase. You trade the same shares as those listed on the stock exchange, but in a simulated market environment. For example, if you were to buy 1000 National Australia Bank Share CFDs, you would have a contract with the CFD provider for that trade. A shareholder, on the other hand, actually owns a stake in the company. In short, a CFD offers the benefits of trading shares by mirroring the performance of the share or index, without the need to actually own them.

The increasing demand for CFDs as another mode of investment has paved the way for continued growth and they are now being offered by many different providers in the market place. There are companies that specialise in CFD trading only to brokers that have added CFDs to their current range of trading instruments. And they all offer their own platforms, strategies, perks and range of CFDs you can trade. Making it harder to choose a good CFD provider and you need to spend time researching all the different choices each provider has to offer.

The good news is there is an exclusive deal accessible through Smart Trading with trading CFDs…know more about this in the next blog.

CFD Trade or Invest?

18 Mar

CFD Trade or Invest? I read an article that says trading and investing are not the same. In the business of trading, you have a goal in mind as part of your trading plan. You may have the plan to increase your income and grow your wealth through the stock market.

Well, you may either trade or invest. Or you may do both. Trading has something to do with actively buying and selling shares in a short-term or middle-term trading of shares or CFDs. Investing has something to do with just buying and holding on to a share for a longer time and re-investing on it. And voila! You may find out that after years of reinvesting on the same shares and holding on to it, you have produced a large number of shares already with hopefully a higher yield.

Well, it is up to you whether you want CFD trade or CFD investment; share trading or share investment. Be wary though that you trade or invest smartly.

Setting Up Your DATAHQ

15 Mar

For the Cfd trade enthusiasts who are using DATAHQ, I would just like to share this video from the best-selling author, Justine Pollard. I know you can learn a lot from this video in setting up your DATAHQ.

May you be profitable in your journey to trading Cfd and share trading.

Cfd Trade Update

11 Mar

Here’s your latest Cfd trade and share trading update. I just picked up these tweets again from the best-selling author and trader Justine Pollard. She tweeted:

# ASX Market is in indecision. Two inside Doji days in the ASX200 chart indicates that it does not know if it wants to go up or down

# There has been no lead from the major US indices – only had small rises. FTSE has bucked the trend & broken to new highs last night

I hope these updates help in your decision to trade, hold, sell, buy or whatever your decision will be. As a trader though, I am just here to hold still.

If you have your own Cfd trade updates and stock market latest trends, please do not hesitate to share.

CFD Trade and Share Trading in One Account

3 Mar

If you are into CFD trade and share trading, you can do both in one trading account.

Successful CFD and share trader, Justine Pollard, has recently moved her share trading over to CMC Markets and she is very impressed with their web based platform. Not only can she trade shares, but she has linked her CFD trade account to her share trading account and she can now trade both shares and CFDs from the one account online. No need to use a different trading platform or broker. Smart Trading, owned by Justine Pollard has set-up an arrangement with CMC Markets so that you can now trade CFDs and shares all from the one trading account.

You can benefit from this arrangement as well.  Visit http://www.smarttrading.com.au to know more.

CFD Trade

2 Mar

If you are into CFD trade or share trading, wouldn’t you want to have your provider offer you everything you need in one platform? This could mean lower brokerage fees, or guaranteed stop losses or lower overnight fees or a wide variety of CFDs and shares you can choose from to add to your trading portfolio.

I have just learned of this exclusive deal with Smart Trading and CMC Markets.

Justine Pollard, a successful CFD and share trader and a sought-after trading mentor has set up an exclusive CFD trade deal with CMC Markets for her benefit as a trader. She has traded different instruments through the years already.  And in her search for the best provider in town, she ended up with arranging an exclusive deal with CMC Markets.

This deal can now be extended to other traders as well. You just need to mention Smart Trading when you open a new account in order to access the exclusive deal.

You can find out more about the exclusive deal with CMC markets that Justine has set-up for CFD trading. You can also opt to open a stockbroking account and trade shares with CMC Markets. Visit http://www.smarttrading.com.au to know more of the exclusive CMC markets CFD deal with Justine Pollard.