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Mastering Investing

5 Nov

Everybody seemed to be out to discover how to either start growing their income portfolio or increase their wealth.  And what a fortunate timing because experts have gone out of their way to share what they know to others. People have easy access to sit by the  Socrates’ of investing in tutorials, workshops, seminars and more.

Personally, I have received invites to seminars that’s going to be held in  November.  And it can be confusing sometimes to choose the event I need to invest in.  For then again, these events do not come for free and rightly so.

I must say seminars for free will give you a taste of the pie but you won’t be able to eat it.  Most of these free seminars direct you to one that requires an investment on your part.

Now, if you are thinking of investing in one of these events,  what do you need to consider?  You may take a look at some of the value you are getting with your investment:

  1. The resource speakers –  It is not surprising anymore that all of them are experts in their field.  You may even find the same speaker in two different events.   Study the resource speakers’ bio carefully.  It is different to have a resource person who knows theoretically but does not know practically.  Go for someone who has done it and continues to do it successfully.
  2. The theme of the event –  If you want to discover investing, you will be presented with various events concerning investing.  There are property investing events, developing an entrepreneurial   mindset events, shares investing events and more.   There are people who are really willing to attend each of these events and pay for them too.  However, you can be prudent and choose  the appropriate ones that will resonate to your requirements and current financial status.  Better yet, choose one that showcases a variety of themes and resource speakers.
  3. What happens after the event? –  I will be betting that a majority of the attendees will not be getting “it” immediately after a certain event.  Even if you will be armed with loads of knowledge, you will still be groping when you begin your journey.  And it will be very important that you will have guidance in the very first stages of your task.  Make sure that support is available from the event’s secretariat or team after the event.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider before choosing an event you want to invest in.  Of course, there are other considerations like money-back guarantee, what’s included in the event, price. venue and more.

I have come across an invite from Mastering Investments Seminar to be held on 20-21 November 2010 in Newcastle, organised by Justine Pollard and Katie McDonald who will be joined by other three fabulous women like Jo Chivers, Fiona Herbert and Trish Davies.

And I must say,  this is the kind of event you must invest in.  For one, the speakers are not just experts in theories about mastering investing but they are investors themselves and investing successfully.  Second, this event will not only focus on one way of increasing your wealth but two of the great vehicles in paving the way to your financial freedom namely property and shares investing.  Third, for the value of having an action plan after the event, not to mention the accessible support from the resource speakers themselves, the investment required from you is ridiculously cheap. And it comes with a money back guarantee.  Finally,  there’s over $4,000 worth of special gift bonuses from each of the speakers.

For more information about the event, visit www.masteringinvestments.com.

Well, there you have it.  If you want to master investing, invest in learning and get educated.




What are CFDs?

10 Jun

You have probably heard or read about CFDs in netopia. I mean, it is the buzz now a days. With CFDs getting more and more popular, people are opting to invest on it aside from shares of course.

So, what are CFDs?A CFD is a contract between you and the company that you are using to make the purchase. You trade the same shares as those listed on the stock exchange, but in a simulated market environment. For example, if you were to buy 1000 National Australia Bank Share CFDs, you would have a contract with the CFD provider for that trade. A shareholder, on the other hand, actually owns a stake in the company. In short, a CFD offers the benefits of trading shares by mirroring the performance of the share or index, without the need to actually own them.

The increasing demand for CFDs as another mode of investment has paved the way for continued growth and they are now being offered by many different providers in the market place. There are companies that specialise in CFD trading only to brokers that have added CFDs to their current range of trading instruments. And they all offer their own platforms, strategies, perks and range of CFDs you can trade. Making it harder to choose a good CFD provider and you need to spend time researching all the different choices each provider has to offer.

The good news is there is an exclusive deal accessible through Smart Trading with trading CFDs…know more about this in the next blog.

Setting Up Your DATAHQ

15 Mar

For the Cfd trade enthusiasts who are using DATAHQ, I would just like to share this video from the best-selling author, Justine Pollard. I know you can learn a lot from this video in setting up your DATAHQ.

May you be profitable in your journey to trading Cfd and share trading.

Cfd Trade Update

11 Mar

Here’s your latest Cfd trade and share trading update. I just picked up these tweets again from the best-selling author and trader Justine Pollard. She tweeted:

# ASX Market is in indecision. Two inside Doji days in the ASX200 chart indicates that it does not know if it wants to go up or down

# There has been no lead from the major US indices – only had small rises. FTSE has bucked the trend & broken to new highs last night

I hope these updates help in your decision to trade, hold, sell, buy or whatever your decision will be. As a trader though, I am just here to hold still.

If you have your own Cfd trade updates and stock market latest trends, please do not hesitate to share.

CFD Trade Specialist in an Interview

8 Mar

I would just like to share this interview of CFD trade specialist and best selling author, Justine Pollard done by TheMillionairebooks.com.

To know more about CFD trading or Justine Pollard, visit http://www.smarttrading.com.au.

Gambling and Trading

4 Mar

I read this article about gambling in trading.  True enough, if you do not know what you are getting into when you are trading the markets, it will be like gambling.  If you are trading CFDs and you do not know what are CFDs, then, indeed, it is gambling you are doing.  Whether you win or lose, you wouldn’t care.  But that’s not why you are trading.  I certainly hope not.

If your game plan for trading the markets is to lose your money, you can just gamble.  However, you can take gambling out of trading and really learn how to trade. It is whether you are into CFD trade or stock trading.

Trading is a business that requires learning a new skill or improving what you already got. If you are a beginner and you want to learn or if you are an advanced trader and you want to refine your skills, you need mentors. You need books for references.

Smart Trading Plans is the right book for you to get started in formulating your trading plan.  Listed as one of the Top 10 Best Selling Finance Books in Money Magazine, Smart Trading Plans will exactly guide you to what you never expect the market to be with all its highs and lows.  Click here to learn more about your ultimate step-by-step guide to developing a business plan for trading the markets.

The sought-after trading mentor and best selling author of Smart Trading Plans, Justine Pollard specialises in technical analysis trading and is willing to share her years of trading education and experience through personal tutorials. Justine put up Smart Trading and wrote the book Smart Trading Plans with the specific goal to share her knowledge and teach traders her trading systems and her strategies to successful trading.

Grab the opportunity now.  Get educated.

CFD Trade and Share Trading in One Account

3 Mar

If you are into CFD trade and share trading, you can do both in one trading account.

Successful CFD and share trader, Justine Pollard, has recently moved her share trading over to CMC Markets and she is very impressed with their web based platform. Not only can she trade shares, but she has linked her CFD trade account to her share trading account and she can now trade both shares and CFDs from the one account online. No need to use a different trading platform or broker. Smart Trading, owned by Justine Pollard has set-up an arrangement with CMC Markets so that you can now trade CFDs and shares all from the one trading account.

You can benefit from this arrangement as well.  Visit http://www.smarttrading.com.au to know more.